day 14…not so fast

I was thinking of Christmas today. A little earlier than is usual for me. Not the gathering of family and friends, not visions of fabulous gifts, not beautiful Christmas trees or the comfort of a fire in the hearth or cookies. None of these things truly represent Christmas for me as I don’t have many friends in the area in which I live and most of my family lives scattered about the country. Gifting, either buying or receiving, hasn’t been especially important to me in the material sense. I don’t put up a tree and I don’t have a fireplace. And I certainly don’t bake. Or haven’t in a very long time.

I wasn’t even thinking about the true meaning of Christmas for those of us who believe.

No. I was thinking of wine. And all the fancy, delicious and expensive wine I was going to miss out on at our employee Christmas dinner. ‘But your Sober Challenge will be over! You could probably have a glass. HA!  Never happen. Never has. Anxiety sets in.  Good!  you should be anxious with those thoughts floatin’ around your head.’

Let’s see what else I’ll miss.

I get to miss acting like a jackass…I get to miss the dullness of spirit and the lethargy of having too much….I get to miss spending lots of money because those of us who like to drink spend record amounts for alcohol around the holidays….I won’t miss the extra tons of calories….give me a minute and I assure you I’ll come up with more.

The conjuring up of these thoughts which came faster than I knew what to do with didn’t give me an urge or desire. Blessed. Thank you Lord.

But I know the time will come.  I’ll need to be ready.

Author: Elizabeth

Happy, joyous & free. Thanks be to God.

2 thoughts on “day 14…not so fast”

  1. We will be saving a lot of money when the Holidays come around! I am worried about them, watching others drink, fearful that I will be tempted. But your right, I won’t miss the hangovers or acting like a buffoon. I’ll be proud that I’m not drinking! 🙂

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