day 15…

Radiant. That’s what he said.

So apparently it shows. After just 2 weeks. That was my former boss who commented on how I looked when I ran into him Sunday. wow.

I’m finally feeling a rhythm to all this. Got some great rest over the weekend. Finally.  The weekend was actually the perfect balance of rest, work and pleasure.

Had a great visit with a 94-year-old friend. 94…I can’t even imagine. This woman has been there for me in some of the worst times. But she’s also been there in some of best.  She’s in a nursing home now and I have had the privilege of witnessing her struggle with the inevitable; watched how she kept surrendering parts of herself to the process of aging. Over and over. How at times she’s been stubborn and unyielding and how at other times she’s surrendered  with such grace and dignity.


Of the things we can not change. Of the things over which we have no control. The Serenity prayer.

I pray for this.

Author: Elizabeth

Happy, joyous & free. Thanks be to God.

4 thoughts on “day 15…”

    1. She most certainly is. She always lit up a room and brought light where ever she went. Thank you for caring soul… I am doing well. You are in my prayers girl.


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