day 16…”and she began to serve them.”

God is faithful

 I know this to be true because He has answered most of my prayers. At least the prayers that would serve my highest good. At times He has taken the slow road in answering  some of them, but then, I guess He knows best. He knows when I’m ready to receive. As for the other prayers?

There’s this country western song I remember from the ’80’s and I don’t remember anything about the song but the line: ‘Sometimes God’s greatest gifts are the prayers that go unanswered.’  I’m real glad He didn’t answer those prayers.

He touched her hand, and the fever left her, and she got up and began to serve them.’             Matthew 8:15

I was given a reprieve from the desire to drink.  A gift of healing. Whether it remains so will depend on what I do with it.

One of the basic tenets of A.A. is that the recovering alcoholic get involved and give of himself to help another alcoholic. This is a vital part of the recovery process. For one: it keeps the misery of alcoholism fresh in the mind. I have a fantastic ‘forgetter’. Secondly: Addiction of any sort feeds selfishness and a turning inward. And that in turn breeds more addiction.  Getting over and out of oneself needs to happen for full recovery…

Any Blessings I have received are meant to be passed along. They aren’t bestowed so that I can rise up and continue on my merry self-serving way. They are meant to bring me back into the land of the living. Back or for the first time.

I’ve had an excellent start on learning what it means to serve through my faith and church community. And I’ve found that the willingness to die to myself is a daily process. Most times a struggle. Perseverance.

This is the piece that had always been missing.

His timing is perfect.

Author: Elizabeth

Happy, joyous & free. Thanks be to God.

2 thoughts on “day 16…”and she began to serve them.””

  1. What a great read! I love that saying, it speaks a lot of truth. Im not
    The most religious person but i think we can all relate to “self serving.” Thats such a great thing about AA, giving back to those who are still struggling. You have helped me so early in your recovery, thank you!


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