day 26… 4th Friday escape

Friday nights.  The alcohol can start pouring any night really but Friday when the shop closes is the worst. The specialty food business is much the same as the restaurant business- you work hard and then play hard. Drink hard to come down.

During the course of a day conversations often revolve around what wine or cocktail would go best with whatever is being offered up for sale. Constant parties. At the beach. On the boat. In the mansion. Day in. Day out.

In the area in which I live, there is a very clear distinction between those who work and those who play. Resentment can become a problem for me if I’m not careful. Besides being an incredibly selfish, negative and destructive emotion(?), it’s also not good for sobriety. In the last few years I’ve made a conscious effort to not only keep that nasty feeling at bay but have gone so far as to really try to be happy for those who have been blessed with more. I truly don’t think I would be staying sober had I not done the work to change my attitude.

The need to “fit in” is another area needing attention. That’s what I began to write about.  For another time….

I did manage to slip out the door without the usual questioning: “What, no cocktail tonight? You’re not drinking?”  Major sense of relief at this point.


Author: Elizabeth

Living a life of unceasing prayer in gratitude to Him who saved me.

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