day 32…that was then, this is now

Thinking about the work related birthday party I’ve chosen to attend tomorrow night.  Not so much about having to resist a drink- I don’t think that will be an issue at all.  I just want to have a casual, short and sweet response as to why I’m not drinking.  Cut ’em off at the pass kind of answer.

I was very honest with the owners and my co-workers when I started this job 6 years ago.  They knew I was newly sober and I had also told them about my previous sober history. Still, they would press me to join them in a drink as I didn’t fit their idea of an alcoholic.

It was a tough year not drinking.  Feeling deprived.  Left out.  Resentful.  Watching everyone have “fun”.  Then the Christmas party happened.  I went knowing full well I was going to drink the expensive red wine.

And that was that.

It gave me another five years of drinking under my belt.

 I was also going through a divorce that first year.  Had absolutely no idea who I was without my husband.  I had given my entire life over to him- his friends, his interests; all at the expense of my own.

Here I am now.

So much has changed.  I know who I am without my husband but I do not yet know who I am without the drink- although I’m beginning to get a picture and I like it…

I like it a lot.


Author: Elizabeth

Living a life of unceasing prayer in gratitude to Him who saved me.

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