day 33…

Good to be home.  It’s late (for me) but I’m too wound up to go to bed.  Survived the first social outing without the wine and actually had a lovely time.  No one ever asked so my well rehearsed response as to why I wasn’t drinking was left unused- for now.  Whew. A huge relief.

I am not someone who craves the company of others.  Never cared for small talk and have never been particularly adept at social etiquette.  Even here in cyberspace.  I often prefer solitude because my work requires me to be “on” 40 plus hours a week.   But I also know that I can tend to give myself way too much alone time.  Connecting with others is not only healthy emotionally but we now know it’s also vital in maintaining mental health in the ‘twilight’ years.  And I’m there…in those years.

Finding balance will be important.  One of my sober goals.


Author: Elizabeth

Living a life of unceasing prayer in gratitude to Him who saved me.

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