40 days

Another Friday night escape from work without a drink.  The last couple of days would have surely had me running next door to the ‘packie’ for a bottle (or 2) of red not too long ago.  But the only time I thought about ‘a’ drink (which means at least 3 in my world) was driving home tonight realizing I hadn’t.  Thought about it.  At all.

  I had no craving, no desire or wishful thinking- nothing.  Zero appeal factor.

The only thing I crave right now is to be quiet and reflect on how grateful I am for these 40  days without an urge to drink.

Thanks be to God.

Author: Elizabeth

Happy, joyous & free. Thanks be to God.

5 thoughts on “40 days”

  1. Well done Elizabeth. I’m catching up on my sober blogs and it sounds as though you have had some tough things to get through… xx


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