43 days…peace.

I feel I need a break from the daily posting.  No worries, I got permission from my inner tyrant.

Unless there are cravings or urges creeping up or some insight or lesson learned.  Another revelation.  I know there are more to come.

Don’t want to just take up space here with the daily drivel.  And the drivel’s not a bad thing.  Means all is well.  No highs. No lows.  There was a time where that would be a reason to drink.  Boredom.  I have been anything but bored these sober days.

My commitment to posting will be once or twice a week.  I’m going to focus on reading more blogs and commenting- try to get more involved in the sober community here.  I get home pretty late and only have so much time on the computer before I shut it down so it doesn’t interfere with good sleep.  Very sensitive energetically.

So very, very grateful for my sobriety.  Thanks be to God.

Author: Elizabeth

Happy, joyous & free. Thanks be to God.

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