62 days… post birthday, all’s well

Saturday afternoon and all is well in soberland.  The quiet in my head returned after the initial bout of wine chatter over anticipated bottles of wine that I might receive for my birthday last weekend.   Gifts of wine never materialized.  Thank you Lord.

Pretty much a quiet week as well.

Grateful for all that I have gained by not drinking.  Sounder and uninterrupted sleep is at the top of the list.  Other areas of significant improvement are: clarity of thought, psychological/emotional strength,  calmness of spirit and the increased ability to be present with myself and others.

Have to say I am disappointed I have not lost weight but I know that will come. My skin looks better and my energy is sustained throughout the day.

My goal now is to get on a consistent schedule of exercise.  It’s getting cold here and in these last few years I’ve turned into quite the winter sloth.  I began this morning with a good walk/run.

It’s a gorgeous fall day and I’ll spend the rest of the weekend winterizing.

Good to be sober.  Grateful to be sober.

Thanks be to God.

Author: Elizabeth

Happy, joyous & free. Thanks be to God.

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