The first son and overcoming ourselves

Reading the lives of the saints, we are struck by the presence of turning points when these lovers of Christ took up the great challenge.  Their love of the good was so great that they staked their lives to win the battle against the evils which surrounded them.  As a result of this same “all or nothing” attachment to the good, they were able to overcome in themselves every fault which would make them lazy, inept, betraying servants of Christ…

If life may be pictured as a battle between the forces of good and evil without and within, what must be the fate of the good side if its soldiers become lazy, sleepy and so sure of victory that they do not even notice the enemy creeping into their own ranks?  So, by analogy, those who imagine that their fervent moments of love for Christ will last forever, and that they will speedily become apostles of love, mock as fanatical the saints’ insistence on watching every thought, word and deed.

If we wish to love with all the intensity our being, then we must be ready to sacrifice all things which prevent us from being loving every moment of the day.

Ronda Chervin, convert from Judaism, professor of philosophy and theology and author-   Title and excerpt taken from Magnificat, Vol. 18, No. 10/Meditation of the Day 12/13/16


christmas party

Yeah, well…  decided to partake of the wine.   Too much.  How many times have I seen those words in relation to drinking in my life?

Too many.

Failure hurts.  Pride and shame come rushing back in.

I am only healed when I don’t drink.  Period.

I will not spend another moment thinking otherwise.