Boundaries vs honesty… day one

This is a very messy topic for me.

 Because of my family history, I grew up with no boundaries.

Physical. Emotional. Or Mental.

  This has been a long standing wound.  And I still fail to navigate it.

I used to tell anyone who would listen what had happened. What was happening. What was happening in that very moment.


Down inside of me.

I set myself up.

For pain and betrayal.

So for me, honesty is not the very best policy.

I am honest with the people who I trust and feel won’t judge me…

you all…


I am not about to announce to all those other people that I am an absolute nut job.


What is honesty and what does it mean to be honest?

Day one.

And done.

Thanks be to



Author: Elizabeth

Living a life of unceasing prayer in gratitude to Him who saved me.

6 thoughts on “Boundaries vs honesty… day one”

  1. Sometimes I think we create our own lies to cope or allow bad behavior. I have learned it is important to be honest with ourselves or we can never be real with others. Sometimes honesty reveals out original wickedness. In fact, I have begun to say this to myself – I allow myself to speak the truth to myself and then I say to myself “you wicked woman.” Then I reach out to God for forgiveness. When I say wicked I don’t necessarily mean “wicked witch evil acts”…I simply mean the original sin, the flesh nature, the world in me – comes out so obnoxiously. Anyway…here is to your new year and your continued life healing. May your pilgrimage bring you joy and bless our God.

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