First day back….to work


All I can say.  After daily mass (which I haven’t been to in 3 weeks) I thought I would stop at work first, instead of going home and coming back, to get ‘set up’ because I envisioned a stampede when we opened.

After all- people had gone without their cheese for 3 whole days.

I felt good.  Rested.  In communion with Him.


I got to work about 45 minutes earlier than usual and discovered our 8 foot cheese case was about 65 degrees.  Not good.

Cheese stinks when it’s warm.

Did the best I could with the cheese, the cheesecase and my totally ungrateful boss.

But I am-

Grateful for another day….

Clear and sober.

Thanks be to God.


Author: Elizabeth

Living a life of unceasing prayer in gratitude to Him who saved me.

19 thoughts on “First day back….to work”

      1. The ‘other’ one is one of my BFF’s. We met in our early 20’s- first time waitress jobs. She and I have had many adventures together-mainly in our early years!!


      1. Sobey’s looks fantastic! I had never heard of them. The fact that they let you try before you buy is great. There are over 12,000 cheeses in the world so your best bet is to just plan a trip there and spend some time learning about the different types of cheese- they seem very willing to broaden your horizons and let you explore. When I feel better, I’d be glad to list some of my favorites and you can see if they have them or can make a recommendation based on the cheese-if they’re familiar with it. I have so many favorites and my brain is not working all that well at the moment otherwise I’d just list them! Wish we had Sobey’s here.

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      2. 12,000?!!! Wow! I better get started on the taste testing haha.I will make a more planned out trip to Sobey’s. They’re a grocery store and every time I have been it has been quite busy and I don’t like holding people up in line while I’m poking around asking questions without really knowing what I’m looking for. Thank you!

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    1. Just wanted to share- 195/111 was my bp at the dentists office yesterday. Usually it’s 120/80. I’ve been monitoring and it’s coming down slowly. This morning it was 162/82. After my time with Him in prayer: 138/76. 😉 ❤


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