time out…

Again, God has let me know He has His hand on me…

I’ve never imagined that I would have peace in the center of a storm.  But this morning when I read the following, I found great comfort.  It is from my devotional the Magnificat.

In such a way that we cannot doubt that all the evils (trials) that God sends us, of whatever nature that they may be, we cannot doubt, I say, that they be very helpful to us, without suspecting God himself either of tyranny or of imprudence, without accusing him of having ideas contrary to those that a good ruler ought to have, or of lacking the insight to discern what is worthwhile for us.

How much more does it appear that it is we who deceive ourselves, who are unaware of both who is good to us and who is bad to us; who often desire everything that we ought to fear and who fear everything that we ought to desire!  It is a sign of an unbearable pride, says Saint Basil, to believe that in one’s own affairs one does not need to take anyone’s advice and that one has from oneself enough prudence to choose the best option.  But if, in the things that we regard, anyone sees better than we what is most helpful for us, what madness to think that we see it better than God himself- that God, I say, who is free from the passions that blind us, who sees into the future, who foresees the events and the effect that each cause ought to produce!

You know that the most unfortunate accidents sometimes have happy results, and that on the contrary the most favorable successes can end finally in disastrous outcomes.  It is even a rule that God keeps ordinarily enough, to attain his ends by ways completely opposed to those that human prudence habitually chooses.

Saint Claude La Colombiere,  French Jesuit priest 

After a follow-up visit with my doctor, I arrived back at the shop to drop off the note stating I was not to return to work until 1/19.  No work.  Unpaid leave.  Relief and terror both at the same time.  Relief that I wouldn’t have to be in that store for 7 days and terror at the financial picture of the past week.  I am only able to afford catastrophic health insurance.

There’s one advantage to not owning anything….”Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.”  I love Janis.

Grateful for day 13.  My lucky Friday the 13th.

Thanks be to God.

Image:  John William Godward’s art : A Cool Retreat

Author: Elizabeth

Happy, joyous & free. Thanks be to God.

7 thoughts on “time out…”

  1. I hope your ‘retreat” is wonderful. You so deserve it! And thanks for sharing those words of wisdom. As usual, I go back to A Course in Miracles: All things are lessons God would have us learn.
    I can’t imagine accepting that, but I’ll try. ; )

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