They tell you there will be signs….

A reblog from a new friend….. who has touched me deeply and profoundly.  Don’t know the proper etiquette for “reblogging” someone’s post.  If I needed to ask permission first- please forgive me.  Just learning.

State Of Mind Sobriety Coaching Services

We went out with a bunch of friends to The Keg for dinner one night, about a year into my sobriety. The restaurant was busy being a Saturday night. We had to wait for a table so we decided to wait in the bar. We found a big round table for six and sat down. The seat I picked was the only one out of six chairs and six menus that I could have chosen but, I sat in the spot and took the menu that astonishing to me didn’t have a wine list in it, 5 of the others did!

“Oh my gosh!” I said to my friend, Remember me telling you about the sort of signs that I will see reminding me not to drink, well check out my menu!”

I was so freaked out and at that moment was another boost for me on this journey to…

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Boundaries vs honesty… day one

This is a very messy topic for me.

 Because of my family history, I grew up with no boundaries.

Physical. Emotional. Or Mental.

  This has been a long standing wound.  And I still fail to navigate it.

I used to tell anyone who would listen what had happened. What was happening. What was happening in that very moment.


Down inside of me.

I set myself up.

For pain and betrayal.

So for me, honesty is not the very best policy.

I am honest with the people who I trust and feel won’t judge me…

you all…


I am not about to announce to all those other people that I am an absolute nut job.


What is honesty and what does it mean to be honest?

Day one.

And done.

Thanks be to