3/17…otherwise known as

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Ya, well.  It’s never been one of my favs. Even in my most devout drinking days it was just a lackluster day.  I guess I could use that to my credit.  I would only go so far to find an excuse.

I do have a bit of Irish in me though.  I know by my temper which I think has gotten a little milder in the last few years however, I’ve been single so…..maybe not.

Still don’t feel like writing.

Just stopping by.

Celebrated St. P. Day by going to morning mass, work, the fabulous parish fish fry dinner and The Stations of the Cross.

I’ve been praying and asking for a lot this Lent.

Mostly to learn how to love.  For real.

Really love.

The way He loves.

You and me.

And to stop judging.

Myself and others.

Grateful and sober.

Thanks be to Him.

Author: Elizabeth

Happy, joyous & free. Thanks be to God.

17 thoughts on “3/17…otherwise known as”

  1. Wonderful prayers! I think it was St. Teresa who said she wanted to love and see people the way God saw them. You just reminded me..for the past 4 or 5 years I would be with my sister in law on the east coast and go to Mass with her and how special the Stations of the Cross are. This year, I am experiencing some physical challenges and can’t make the drive. I’m not Catholic but always enjoyed going to Mass and also felt very welcomed. Even though you don’t feel like writing, I am so glad you did to help me focus on what is important! Also, thank you for sharing your prayers and your walk of faith.

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    1. Yes what hit me tonight during the stations was a prayer for compassion for ourselves for our flaws and shortcomings…..something I’ve been struggling with. Compassion for myself w/o it turning to self pity.

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  2. Compassion for self has also been a real struggle for me. I am so self critical. I am my harshest critic. Of course, if I allow that line of thinking to continue, I continue to hurt no one other than myself. Especially since no one else would have any idea I was being so self destructive.

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    1. Yes! and I judge others as harshly as myself. I don’t “see” them- only my judgements. I guess our “thoughts” can’t be controlled- only our ability to see our thoughts for what they are…clouds that cloud our vision of ourselves and others. And of our Lord. I believe, help my unbelief!


  3. I will pray for you and me to ask God to remind us to be kinder to ourselves! Also for spiritual discernment to quickly recognize when we are judging others. If that happens then we can immediately remember what scripture says about judgement of others!

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  4. I went to Mass too. I didn’t stay for the stations of the cross because I wasn’t sure what it was but after researching I wish I had. I am loving the Catholic church more every day.

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    1. Jenna, I keep forgetting to mention to you: there is a Catholic devotional I’ve used for 5 years and it has changed my life in prayer and walk with our Lord. Google : magnificat.com You can ask for a sample copy to see if you like it before paying the subscription. It costs me 44 USD yearly and is so worth it. Each month gives you morning prayers, the mass readings and even the prayers the priest prays. It has stories of the Saints, inspirational stories as well as meditations for each day. Beautiful artwork as well. Very rich material. So many times during the readings I feel He is speaking to me. Let me know what you think. You can always contact me through my contact page here. ❤ I also went to see The Shack- didn't care for the book but the movie was stunning cinematography and I loved the story- Caution; bring a whole box of tissues!

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      1. Thank you Elizabeth, that sounds wonderful. I couldn’t finish the book, The Shack, it just didn’t grab me but now I am intrigued about the movie .

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    1. St Patrick was captured from his home in Britain at 16 by Irish pirates and was taken as a slave to Ireland. He escaped back to Britain but eventually returned to Ireland and became the founder of Christianity there. Not sure why getting drunk is associated with the day. I’ll need to look that up! Glad the photo made you smile. 🙂


      1. St Patrick’s Day takes place during lent and the church relaxed traditions and this was celebrated as a feast day with alcohol permitted,perhaps that is how the binge drinking associated with this day started.

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  5. Thanks for this – and still glad that you write even when you don’t feel like. That’s important to push through that thing which wants to keep you away from something that probably brings you some peace or such.


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