Supernatural Sammy

I rescued her in 2007 from a shelter.  She’d been there for a year after being taken from a home along with 152 other cats.  Some not living.  Horrible.  But I guess the woman meant well.  So often our intentions are good and we can’t see we’re making a hell for others.

Animal or human.

Sammy looked nothing like the photo above.  She was one solid mat ball of fur.  And, wow, she stunk…. real bad.

Oh, but she was a sweetie.

 A loving, affectionate mess of a cat and I had to have her… my husband (at the time) is a “designer” kind of guy.  At least he was then.  Everything he owned had to make a statement of excellence. We argued.  “But she’s a mess!” he cried.  “Yeah? Well so am I!” I piped back at him.

I won.

Turned out she really only responded to me.  She was actually quite feral but slowly she began to trust and we healed together.  You see I had rescued Sammy right after I was released from the hospital.  Locked ward kind of hospital thanks to Lexapro.  Four weeks into it, it triggered a manic psychotic episode and then a downward dive into a suicidal despair.

So Sammy and I, we were both a little off at the time.  Both traumatized by life.

My sweet 20 year old kitty is not well.  Dr. Bernie thinks it might be lymphoma. I know I’ve given her a wonderful life and I have no words for what she has given me.  Pure love and joy….and healing. I guess those are words but they seem so inadequate.  I’ve never had the bond with another animal that I have with her.  She is truly supernatural.  I sometimes wonder- she seems part dog, part human with a little cat thrown in.

I can’t fix this.

I just don’t want her to suffer.

Please pray for her peaceful passing.


I am so very grateful to all of you.  This incredible tribe of sober warriors.




Author: Elizabeth

Happy, joyous & free. Thanks be to God.

15 thoughts on “Supernatural Sammy”

  1. Prayers for you and your sweet Sammy. Why can’t our precious pets have longer life-spans? Its seems as though you both served an essential purpose in the other’s life though, and that’s what you have to hold on to. Hugs! Xx

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  2. Dear Elizabeth… such a beautiful story, and so beautifully told. I am so happy for Sammy that you rescued her. You are so right about the whole good intentions thing. I have seen a situation similar to that (though nowhere near extreme) and its very difficult to witness and/or know what to do about it. Sometimes the best we can do is look after ourselves, so as not to end up in the same predicament (and subjecting other beings to the same predicament), while sometimes welcoming a kindred spirit like Sammy to help us do that, who also provides unconditional love in return, just as you yourself have done. ❤️

    This must be such a very sad time for you, dear friend. But knowing how spiritually connected you are, I know it’s also a beautiful time of peaceful loving support, and of transformation, for both you and Supernatural Sammy.

    Sending hugs. And much love.

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