Happy New Year!

I survived 2020 without a drink. 

I think a tee-shirt or baseball cap is in order with that slogan for those of us who’re not shy about shouting out how good we feel about it.

In the event you did not escape 2020 soberly, please, please, please, don’t stop trying.  It ain’t easy- especially in the horror show that just had a record run; but there are enough of us to vouch that if you hang in- and  get some time in, you will be amazed at and with life sober.  Guaranteed.  Anything worthwhile is worth the struggle, energy and commitment you put in….. but you need to do the work.  And you need to give it time.

Wait for it.

When I think about how hard it was to live with alcohol but at the same time how I despaired of living without it, I am so grateful to Belle  and all those that went before me and supported me here. The inspiration, courage and strength came not from me but from them…. and God led me here- to them.

Well, I’m on the run and off to work…..

A Joyous, Peace-filled and Safe New Year to all!


From the Twitter feeds of: 

2020 written by Stephen King, directed by Quentin Tarantino-Winona Simons 

If 2020 were a person…., -Sushmita Panda

2020- Wouldn’t recommmend- Jimbel1

Christmas # 4 Without the Whine…

and this has been the most challenging yet. Experienced cravings for alcohol like an itch I couldn’t scratch….

Haven’t posted since my 3 year anniversary in June- journaling very sporadically if at all. Like most, 2020 has left me scrambling for mental and emotional health. I’ve succeeded in killing off the monsters one by one. I’m sure they’ll be waiting for me but as long as I stay vigilant, I will survive.

At least mentally.

How I managed the cravings was to really allow myself to sit with that itch. Not try to resist but just allow it to be; but at the same time, replaying the video in my head of my last bottom. Still makes me cringe. My life is so, so different now. I am so different now. And I know that if I drink again I’ll be crawling under a bar lower than the last. No thanks.

Seen too much suffering this year. Keeping the rage at bay and the howling at the moon (and not at fellow humans) has required enormous faith, strength, and fortitude.

And we move forward. With faith and hope… Lord give us hope.

I intensely dislike this new format for writing so going to keep this short- not in a good mode for learning. Hoping I can find a way to go back to the old WP format for posting.

I have missed being here and keeping up with y’all. I hope and pray that everyone is healthy and sober and staying somewhat sane in this insane world.

Love and miss each of you.

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Peace-filled New Year.

May God be with us.